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Ingenious Weight Loss & Image Intervention

  • Lose pounds or inches within minutes

  • Contour, Sculpt, or reshape your image

  • Spend more time doing the things you love, less time worrying

  • Promote your Image, elevate gym time, and enhance self-love

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Requires No Downtime

  • Return to everyday activities within minutes

  • Set the pain at your own toleranace level

  • Pay as you Grow! Have Your Body your Way!


Authentic Service & Creative Resolutions

  • Via Zoom or FaceTime

  • In-person consultation by Appointment Only

  • Affordable long or short term treatment plans


Destroy Fat Cells & Promote Your Over-All Health

  • Reduce 25% of fat in the selected area after only one session

  • Achieve your body goals with help from the last cosmetic technology, technique and or products

  • Improve Lymphatic System, Detox and rebuild Collagen 

  • Relieve pain, aches, lighten stretch marks or improve skin quality



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The Diva's Canvas ~What is done with LOVE is done well!

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  • One-on One appointments and personalized body enhancement recommendations

  • Detailed Body Transformation Plans

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Cosmetic Enhancements

At Body Balance 702 our wish is to assist each client achieve their personal body goals, through Dietary Supplemental Super Foods and Beauty Cosmetic Enhancements treatments. Promoting the flow of the Lymphatic System, Circulatory Systems, and curving their appetite and Contour an Image they love to see daily. Grow comfort nakedly with Body Contouring or Sculpting! Significantly embellish your image to match your personality, energy, lifestyle and clean tissues, diminish cellulite, elevate inch loss, or tighten loose sagging skin.

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Sketchbook Body RF

Radio Frequency is the latest in Cosmetic Beauty Technology! The Saggy Skin Cure the most effective advanced skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, to improve cell metabolism or promote healthy collagen growth.  

Reduce the appearance of stretch marks giving your skin a youthful appearance and you a new image. The Radio Frequency also known as RF heats the deepest layer of the skin, stimulating the collagen. Its energy has lasting effects enhancing the muscles elasticity dismantling cellulite.

Feel and look your best. Love Your Body...  

 Contour For All Mankind  

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Why In the World Body Contour? 

Have you ever wonder why or how so many Celebrities Star do not acquire cellulite, stretch marks, saggy loose skin or even unwanted weight throughout the life of their entertainment careers? We'll know course it's their significant mass connections with money and resources. Do you desire prominence with your body image? 

Thanks to BTL Industries Inc on their latest development Emsculpt introduce in 2018 and acknowledged by RefinedMD as the leader in manufacturing medical and aesthetic equipment since 1993. Individuals everywhere have the possibility to identify and own their body image. 

Emsculpt is a revolutionary technology impacting muscle contractions. A single area such as the buttocks can have the potency to to impulse 20,000 contractions the equivalent of 1500 squats. 

Emsculpt most commonly known as Body Sculpting or Body Contouring also helps individuals feel less self-conscious, be more active daily, regain confidence, gain weight, lose weight or even reshape. Changing your personal image through Body Contouring allows an individual to find their happy place, look and feel more confident, or even become healthier. Body contouring treatments are considerably long-lasting without dieting or physical fitness. However combined Dieting, Physical Fitness, Body Sculpting, and or

Cosmetic Body Contouring are a GLAMOROUS force of Body Positivity!

Emsculpt treatments are growing in popularity. They have been a Celebrity secret for great reason: they're safe, quick, effective and flawless in nature. They authorize options of a holistic scale towards body goals. Individuals can now get the results they've been striving for with efforts targeting diet and exercise alone. 

 Emsculpt targets fat cells, reduces the appearance of fat deposits in the selected area the body, and promotes a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) in the form of a treatment that can be given over a lunch break. 

Body Contouring or Body Sculpting using heat, cooling, ultrasound etc. kills fat cells that are then excreted over the next couple of months through the Lymphatic System, which will allow you to see progressive

Cosmetic Body Enhancements throughout your entire body.

STEP IT UP even more by adding Physical Fitness and Super Foods! 

Have your body your way with customized Cosmetic Beauty Enhancements



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